Hoyne Mango Fest 2011

Mangoes are the most important fruit in the world 

That’s right, you heard it here first. And in light of this breaking news the Hoyne House had a mango festival!

The event began with a viewing party of the women’s World Cup Final USA vs. Japan in our living room turned sports lounge.

Women's World Cup Final

Japan came out victorious

Florida Mangoes

Lisa cuts a delicious Florida mango

Post-game came the mango fest. Lisa had just returned from the “real” mango festival at the Fairchild Botanical Gardens in south Florida where there were hundreds of varieties of mangoes on display, many for sale and tasting. Mango varieties from Thailand, India, Mexico, Ecuador, Africa, Australia, Hawaii and Florida. But before you say, “shipping mangoes in from all those places sounds terrible for the environment!” THEY WERE ALL GROWN IN FLORIDA! South Florida has a perfect climate for growing mangoes and at Fairchild they grow over 500 varieties from around the world. No joke. In this picture Lisa is cutting a Matuska Mango (Keitt variety grown in Lisa’s parents’ yard).



grill masters

So we ate the mangoes fresh and threw a few on the grill along with some zuchinni, corn, fish, hot dogs and eggplant… mmmmm…


If you missed it, no worries, there will be a mango fest 2012…

Posted August 13, 2011 by lisa

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