Living at Hoyne

We are looking for members! Rent is $590 per month, which covers all utilities and food, which is shared by all in the house. We have wireless internet, washer, dryer, and 3 full bathrooms. Our kitchen is cozy, our 2 cats are well behaved and affectionate. While we cherish our animal friends, we cannot accommodate more animals at this time.

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We bring diverse interests and passions to the house, and share the vision of working to advance social justice in Chicago and the wider community. We are hoping to find people who are excited about participating in creating a home, with a passion for working towards a kinder world, whatever that looks like for you. You do not need to have experience with cooperative living to apply, just an openness and willingness to learn.

If you are interested in finding out more please Fill out the form below and we can arrange a time to talk over dinner and tell you more about our house.

En este momento tenemos 2 cuartos libres. La renta esta $590 por mes y se incluye comida y costos de agua, gas y electricidad. Tenemos una lavadora y secadora en la casa, un jardin en frente y atras, y internet inalambrico en la casa. Aunque nos gustan los gatos y perros, no podemos acomodarlos en este momento. Si está interesado o interesada en visitarnos, por favor contáctenos o llame al (773) 247-1755 o escribirnos a través de la pagina “Contact Us” para encontrar una cita donde podemos cenar juntos y puedes saber un poco mas sobre nuestra casa

Membership Application


Preferred Pronouns

Phone number


How do you know about Stone Soup?

What’s your story?

Why do you want to live in Hoyne House?

Rent is $590, and covers room, board and utilities. Are you able to pay this? What is your source of income?

Have you lived in a co-op before?

Hoyne strives to be a house that supports people in their activist and personal work. What kind of social justice work do you do?

What other skills, talents, and passions do you bring to the house?

What is your level of day-to-day cleanliness? How important is it to you for a living space to be clean?

What experience do you have with cooking?

Do you have any dietary restrictions or allergies?

How long do you plan on living in Chicago?

What do you want from living in community? Who do you consider your community?

With 7 housemates, frustrations and conflicts sometimes arise. How do you handle having difficult conversations?

As an old brownstone, the house has dust, we work to stay on top of the mold in the basement, and 2 cats live on the second floor. Do you have any allergies or foresee that being a problem for you?

Members are asked to commit to a long term job. Long term jobs include:
  • Treasury (maintaining house finances, attending treasury meetings)
  • Maintenance (making small repairs and coordinating larger repairs and projects with professionals)
  • Secretary (taking meeting notes, keeping notes archived)
  • Board (attending board meetings comprised of all 3 houses, taking on a specific board role)
  • Membership (coordinating with prospective members, doing outreach)
Would you be willing to take on any of these roles?

If you were given 3 imaginary weeks, where you could do anything, go anywhere, and then return to your normal life without anyone knowing what had happened, what would you do?

Please list two references, people you have lived or worked with in some capacity, or who know you very well. We will inform you if we contact them.

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