Garden-water, mulch, bricks, love.

A sunny, lazy Sunday morning turned into a bustling Garden day for the Hoyne House.

The tasks were simple:

Leslie working in Garden

  • Lay mulch in between the sprouts
  • Extend brick path around our compost
  • Plant some more potted plants like Cilantro, Parsley, Lavendar…
  • Eat Leslie’s ice cream birthday cake and share some garden workday beers!

Here, Leslie is working on the main bed which has lettuce, chard, kale and sugar snap peas. Behind her are metal towers which house several types of tomatoes and peppers- special thanks to Claire from Bridgeport for giving us the starters! There’s also a BIG BUNCH of mint for… tea? mojitos? salads? Any other ideas?

Georgie, as always, protected the mulch bags from being stolen with his fierce and unwavering glare…
Georgie sits on a pile of mulch
“You touch this mulch and I’ll lick you to death!”

The pole bean tower is ready and waiting for it’s green and vine-ey friends to creep up and adorn it’s strings. Also in this bed we have… BROCCOLI. Around the compost bin is thyme which will help us to fill in the empty spaces nicely, keep things green and keep weeds out. I think the Rolling Stones said it best…

Pole beans
Porch aerial shot

Our little garden, compost and patio path was extended by 9 bricks to make more seating area in the garden patio, as well as provide easier access to the compost bin. Maria, Lisa and Jen did a number on this area and have the muscles to prove it.

Last but not least, Selene swept, mopped and de-shabbed the porch like a champion… right in time for us garden workers to scuttle across it with our dirty shoes. SORRY!

Porch shot

On a related note, the beautiful day ended with the FIRST EVER (this year) Hoyne House Sunday Soccer Exchange, where everyone and anyone (did I mention anybody) is invited to join us in McKinley Park for some soccer fun. Just bring some shoes, some water and your positive attitude and we’ll have some form or combination of soccer going! We could even branch out to other sports (Lisa will take proposals)

A formal Hoyne blog farewell to Elena and Abigail- you will truly be missed around here!
AND… Welcome to our new, temporary house visitor Emily- It’s great to have you back with us for a bit!

Posted June 6, 2011 by lisa

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